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What Does an Alert Look Like?

What seems like a normal party photo is actually a great example of what a DAD does. Click here to learn more!

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Diabetic ANGEL Dogs

Our handlers know that our dogs aren't just alert dogs, they are angel dogs! Click here to see our latest angels!

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On July 27th, our latest class of DADs met their handlers, and Drey's is ecstatic to announce every DAD alerted! We are so proud of our DADs and handlers and can't wait for the next group! While 100% alerting can't be guaranteed, it is proof that Drey's provides top quality for the best price!

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Drey's in the UK

Drey's will soon be available in the United Kingdom. Click to find out more!

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Diabetic Alert Dogs

Drey's Alert Dogs provides high-quality service dogs to those with Diabetes and Autism.

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British Labradors

Drey’s uses British Labradors, a calmer and smaller breed, which are perfect service animals for children.

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Quality, Affordable Diabetic Alert Dogs
For Those With Diabetes, Autism, or Down Syndrome
Drey's provides quality service dogs for those with diabetes and autism. Our service dogs are professionally-trained British Labradors and, from a mere 24 hours old, learn the specific scent of their future handler.

Drey's is a 501-C3 organization dedicated to providing the best quality diabetic and autistic service dogs at an affordable price.

Click or call to learn how you can get your very own Diabetic Alert Dog from Drey's!

Quick Links

What is a DAD?
A Diabetic Alert Dog is a service animal trained to alert their handlers when their sugar is 80 & below or 180 & above. They provide support, security, & much more to those with diabetes, autism, or Down Syndrome.    Read More
The Program
The Drey's program is an intense series of training sessions designed to prepare your DAD to alert with incredible accuracy. From hours old, your DAD is trained specifically for you!   Read More
Legacy Dogs
A Legacy is defined as a dog who is descended from the original line, the original breed of British Labrador that began centuries ago. Drey's is excited to provide Legacy Labs as DADs for our clients.   Read More
Read about everything from alerts to every day life with a DAD from our happy clients! If you are trying to decide on a DAD, let our clients tell you why they are so pleased with our DADs!   Read More
Help Fund a D.A.D.
Drey’s Alert Dogs is happy to help our potential handlers with raising funds. The good news is that it IS possible to raise the funds, & of all, you can help someone get their DAD!   Read More
Shop Drey's Store
Now that you have your DAD, there are things you'll need for their health, their service, and for fun! Find it all at the Drey's Store, where you'll find great products at great prices!   Read More

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Rod Brashears, a type-1 diabetic since his teenage years, has no trouble finding a word that describes what his DAD Takoda means to him: Freedom. Before Takoda, Rod was subject to crashing into an unconscious state, putting his life in danger. But no...
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