Dreys Alert Dogs

Drey’s Alert Dogs provides quality service dogs for those with diabetes and autism. Our service dogs are professionally-trained British Labradors and, from a mere 24 hours old, learn the specific scent of their future handler.

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What is a D.A.D.?

A Diabetic Alert Dog is a service animal trained to alert their handlers when their sugar is 80 & below or 180 & above. They provide support, security, & much more to those with diabetes, autism, or Down Syndrome.

The Program

The Drey’s program is an intense series of training sessions designed to prepare your DAD to alert with incredible accuracy. From hours old, your DAD is trained specifically for you!


Read about everything from alerts to every day life with a DAD from our happy clients! If you are trying to decide on a DAD, let our clients tell you why they are so pleased with our DADs!

Getting a life-saving diabetic alert dog can begin today!

You CAN afford an alert dog and it is as easy as contacting us so we can ascertain your specific needs. Don’t delay! Follow the link to get started.

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Recent News

A Dog for Jack

Recently, Michele DeLuca at the Niagara Gazette did a story about Jack and Lucy, a service dog team from the Drey’s family. We wanted to be sure you had the opportunity to read all about it, so you can find the story here, and the link to the RSS here! A Dog for... read more

Double Duty DAD

We’ve written a lot about how amazing our dogs are and how well they alert, not just in training, but in real life situations where it really matters. But this story has an interesting twist: Fielder the Super Dog alerts for two people: Sean the son, for whom... read more

Friend to All

Rod Brashears, a type-1 diabetic since his teenage years, has no trouble finding a word that describes what his DAD Takoda means to him: Freedom. Before Takoda, Rod was subject to crashing into an unconscious state, putting his life in danger. But now, with a diabetic... read more

Ryan Gets a DAD

Recently, due to the generosity of family, friends, and strangers, Ryan Chmura was able to get his Diabetic Alert Dog. In only a matter of four months, due to fundraising, DAD Gabe became a part Ryan’s life. Gabe isn’t just a dog though. He is security. He... read more


Thank u Suzi for being so persistent after breakfast!! Made this momma check her girl just to find Ava’s BG has risen higher than the norm for Ava after giving insulin for breakfast!! Suzi would not wait for long after alerting before she would alert again. Some may not understand that most times u have to wait for insulin to work but if ur sugar sniffer keeps at ya then check cause u may be in for a nasty drop in BG or on Ava’s case this morning an abnormal high BG.


In the car and Walmart for public access with Chief… Gavyn is really doing great and Chief alerted 2 highs and 2 lows today! It’s a learning experience but I’m very proud…

Public Access

12+ hour days of training for Montana’s Assist Dog.. All I can say is wow!! We are all exhausted by the end if the day. Been very rewarding & very educational…


Chief under the table at Denny’s yesterday with Gavyn and I for breakfast. He did fabulous! We also went to Target where he did great as well. Gavyn loves this dog to pieces and we are so pleased that he has him! He will be leaving in 1 short week to school and I am still scared to death, but with his CGM and Chief I am hopeful that he will remain safe and that the coaches and other players will help keep an eye on him!!!

Chief at Denny's