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What is a D.A.D.?

A Diabetic Alert Dog is a service animal trained to alert their handlers when their sugar is 80 & below or 180 & above. They provide support, security, & much more to those with diabetes, autism, or Down Syndrome.

The Program

The Drey’s program is an intense series of training sessions designed to prepare your DAD to alert with incredible accuracy. From hours old, your DAD is trained specifically for you!


Read about everything from alerts to every day life with a DAD from our happy clients! If you are trying to decide on a DAD, let our clients tell you why they are so pleased with our DADs!

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Recent News

Angel on Four Legs

Recently, Liberty Chan, a reporter with KTLA in Los Angeles, did a story about a Drey’s DAD, Sug, and handler, Amanda Barr, who was diagnosed at 2 years old with type-1 diabetes.



When looking for a Service dog, a person has to be very careful and make sure that the people who are training the dog, have the interest of the dog and the person who is getting the dog as their number one priority.

When my mother, Kay Barclay, started having problems controlling her Type 2 diabetes, I started looking into getting her a Service dog that could alert her when her blood sugar changed